Oneshots campaign
1001 afternoons

An elf dying of a magical disease on his last adventure.

A group of teenagers imbued with abnormal powers from one day to the other trying to understand their power while saving their school from total annihilation.

A mother hunting down her psychopathic son…

A world shattered by magic and its last chance to rebuild.

There’s a story about some kids making it to Hogwarts, but this story is about those that end up in Salem public school of sorcery.

The characters plan the biggest heist in the history of time…

Some ideas sound fun, but will never fly to build a campaign or even multiple adventures from. The oneshot campaign is for those ideas.


  1. Whoever has an idea can propose a concept. This works for character and story concepts.
  2. there is no fixed GM or a fixed team of players
  3. There are no second adventures. No “let’s see”. Every character will be played exactly once.
  4. An adventure can take multiple sessions, but should be to-the-point
  5. The GM can hand out a introduction to the setting and the system of 1 page each. They can expect the players to have read that.

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